Experience the calm of the desert, natural wonders and ancient ruins; going on a safari in Egypt is rewarding in more ways than one. Take short range desert safaris that last a few hours, a day or an overnight stay. If you want to brave the deep desert, go for a long range Egypt safari with internationally recognized guides to lead you to the Great Sand Sea and other remote places.  You will need military permits for a deep desert safari, ask your guide for more information.

Safaris  Highlights
  • Rock Art in the Western Desert

    Rock Art in the Western Desert

    Start your journey in Dakhla, the oldest inhabited oasis of the Western Desert, visit Al-Qasr and Balat,…

  • Sailing the Sand Sea

    Sailing the Sand Sea

    Explore the amazing deep western desert. Start from Cairo and make your way to Bahariya, then proceed…

Highlights - Safaris

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