On the pristine coastline of the White Med you’ll find the right mix of resorts, cultural attractions, sports activities, and small town charm. The White Med runs from El Alamein to the small harbour town of Masra Matruh. Visit Alexandria to see Pompey’s Pillar, El Alamein to see the site of a major World War II battle and take an overnight trip to Cairo to see the Pyramids before you return to the comfort of your seaside resort at the White Med.

Highlights - White Med - Modern Egypt

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  • Alexandria


    Virtual Tour

    Known today as the "cultural capital of Egypt" and famous for being called the "Pearl of the Mediterranean",…

  • El-Alamein


    Famed for the decisive victory of the Allies over the Axis forces in the WWII North Africa campaign,…

  • Marsa Matrouh

    Marsa Matrouh

    Nestled inside a big circular bay and protected from the high seas by a series of rocks forming a natural…

  • North Coast

    North Coast

    Once only considered as a favoured destination of Cairene vacationers, the North Coast of Egypt has…