Whether you're travelling alone, with your significant other, friends or with your children, there's plenty of entertainment in Egypt to enjoy in your free time. During day time you can explore the beautiful gardens and parks of Egypt's major cities, such as the Montazah Gardens in Alexandria and Al-Azhar Park in Cairo, or take a stroll down the Nile banks in all of Egypt's Nile Valley destinations before stopping for lunch or dinner at one of the charming floating restaurants. You can also try felucca sailing to experience the traditional way of travelling along the Nile.
Shopping is also one of the most accessible options to fill in gaps on your holiday schedule. You'll find anything you're looking for in traditional souks, modern shopping malls and exclusive boutiques. You'll find plenty of cinemas in Cairo and other major cities. You can also take your children to a theme park or let them discover more about Ancient Egypt at the Pharaonic Village in Cairo.
And when the sun goes down, it's time for you to dress up and explore bars, nightclubs and lounges in Egypt's top inland destinations, go for a crazy yacht party cruise on the Red Sea or indulge in a scrumptious dinner with live entertainment aboard one of the Nile dinner cruisers.
A good idea would also be to check the local events calendar at your hotel to plan a movie night out or catch an interesting spectacle at one of the towns' theatres or opera house. One thing you must visit while in Cairo is the Opera House. The vibrant Egyptian cultural scene is constantly bursting with art exhibitions, cultural events, festivals and international musical performances.
Entertainment in Egypt comes in many flavours, find out about the different possibilities in our list of attractions.
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