A few tips mixed in a mishmash of do's and don’ts that will help you make the best of your holiday in Egypt. Whether you’re heading to the Red Sea, Cairo, the Western Desert, or any other destination in Egypt, read through the list and keep it in mind. You may need it because most of Egypt’s visitors have experienced at least one of the listed situations.


  • Drink a lot of water, Egypt’s weather is very dry and it’s very easy to get dehydrated

  • Carry some cash when heading to remote locations

  • For sightseeing, make sure you have a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, light cotton or linen clothes, and don’t forget comfortable shoes

  • While visiting religious locations dress modestly and take off your shoes before entering a mosque

  • Respect the local customs: these include dress codes

  • Visit the local tourist office if you have any requirements or questions

  • Seek the help of the touristic police if you find yourself in any troublesome situation

  • Always carry some kind of identification document

  • Make sure your routine vaccination cover is complete


  • Don’t drink and dive! Alcohol might increase the decompression sickness risk

  • Don’t assume you can pay with your credit card, always ask first

  • Don’t take pictures where you’re not allowed to

  • Don’t feel obliged to tip anyone for anything

  • Don’t take anything from the natural parks and reserves and keep them as clean as you can

  • Avoid leaving your hotel or apartment without telling anyone where you’re heading

  • Don’t leave your hotel or accommodation without a guide or a map close at hand, unless you know where you’re heading

  • Don’t come to Egypt without insurance. Medical treatments can cost thousands if you’re not insured.

  • Don’t expect Egyptians to understand your language. Instead, learn some useful phrases. Locals will appreciate it.