The Swedish adventurer Annelie Pompe

Sharm El Sheikh

May 22 2013

Annelie Pompe is known for her achievements in competitive freediving. On 5 October 2010  she broke the world record in variable weight freediving, with a dive down to 126 metres, She is also claiming one individual silver medal and one team silver medal in AIDA  world championships.

She is also a mountaineer and in May 2011 she climbed Mount Everest as the first Swedish woman to summit from the north side.

 The  Red Sea is a unique destination for diving, as it has a clear water,superb visibility up to 50 metres, abundant and diverse fish life ( over 1000 species ), countless varieties of hard and soft coral over 200 species, year round diving in comfortable water ( 18˚ to 26˚ ), incredibly divers underwater topography, and spectacular ship wreck destinations.