Prince Kamal el Din Hussein Expedition to Gilf Kebir

Gilf El-Kebir

Jan 13 2013

     Under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism , the historical event of commemorating 80 years of  Prince Kamal Din's  Expedition to Gilf Kebir will take place from the 15th to 27th of March 2013.

 Prince Kamal el Din expedition's aim is to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the memorial plaque of Prince Kamal El Din Hussein who discovered the Gilf Kebir Plateau in the Western Desert of Egypt in 1925. The Prince was also the first to introduce the automobile into deep desert explorations, in that part of the world. 

Well-known national and international scientists will take part (as speakers) in this expedition and will present intriguing lectures on relevant topics. The expedition will be organised by Dabuka New Horizons and Darb 1718

The opening ceremony will be held at the Egyptian Automobile & Tourning Club in Cairo, then the guests will fly by charter flight to the New valley Oases where the real expedition starts.The tour encompasses 13 days of travel across the vast Western Desert, visiting the Gilf Kebir Plateau and Gebel Uweinat " In the footsteps of the Prince" . on the last day, the closing ceremony will take place at the Mena House Hotel at the foot of the Pyramids and the adventure will be sealed. 

In the Hollywood film "The English Patient" (winner of nine Oscars in1996), the main character was transporting Prince Kamal El Din's plaque to the Gilf Kebir Plateau in 1933, since this film this remote part of the Egyptian Desert has seen an increased interest by tourists,scintists,historiansas well as simple desert enthusiasts.  

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