CHIKUDO&FRIENDS; Japanese Traditional Music Concert 2012


Oct 02 2012

Chikudo Takahashi and Takahisa Kawasaki first performed together in Osaka in 2011 .

The duo ,displaying their perfect musical pairing , has subsequently performed together at Takahashi's concerts in the western areas of Japan, among others. Chikudo, who has a deep knowledge of popular traditional entertainment styles, gives highly entertaining "talks" in between performances , which are greatly enjoyed by audiences.

On this tour ,Chikudo's  apprentice, the shamisen player Kentaro Suzuki, of whom great music is being expected , will also perform.

Cairo , Egypt  from  21  to  23 October 2012

These  Concerts  will be from  21  to  23 October 2012  , at Conservatoire, the Acadamy of Arts ,  Sawy  Culturewheel , and the Small Theatre ,Cairo Opera House.