Opening the project of development and restoration of Salah El Din's Citadel in Pharaoh's Island at Taba.


Oct 01 2012

The project of development and restoration  of  Salah El Din's Citadel  in Pharaoh's  Island at Taba ,has been opened on 29th October 2012.
The project of development and restoration of Pharaoh's island at and all what it includes from archaeological sites specially Salah el Din Citadel and the completion of the infrastructure of the island, electricity,  water network and building a Marina to transport visitors by boats, in addition to developing signs and facilities for visitors , and the implementation of the largest project to illuminate the island in order to facilitate the visits by night.
    Taba has many attractions , where the availability of all types of tourism , Recreational, Cultural, Safari and Archaeological  Tourism.
The  cultural tourism  exists in the citadel of Salah El Din ,and leisure tourism  where the most beautiful coral reefs around the island  for scuba diving  and marine activities , Safari  tourism for visiting valleys near Taba as Tawibah Valley which contains  antique inscriptions  for many civilizations successive Sinai as the inscription s of  The Arab  Nabateans since the second century BC ,  also the way from Taba to tha Nakab  formed  a painting of natural sculptures formed  by erosion.