Dating back to 1440, the funerary complex of Amir( Taghri) Bardi is located on Saliba Street in Cairo, behind the immense Qalawun funerary complex. The complex was built by the eponymous prince who was famous for having led the Mamluk army’s invasion of the island of Cyprus, under the reign of the Circassian Mamluk Sultan Barsbay.
Amir Taghri Bardi’s funerary complex is much smaller than the earlier complexes in Cairo, due to the gradual lack of construction space in Cairo, a city that had reached a high level of urbanization by the mid-15th century. The complex’s strange cruciform and askew architecture, which houses a mosque, madrassa and mausoleum, can be evaluated best from atop the square-based minaret. When observed from the outside, you wouldn’t suspect the building’s interior forms a wide angle with the street façade.

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