Under the reign of Al-Nassir Muhammad and specifically between the years 1303 and 1304, an influential emir, Sangar al-Gawili, built himself and his friend Amir Seif el-Din Salar a complex housing two mausoleums. Specialists believe that the second emir renovated the complex. At first sight, you will be intrigued by the difference in size and look between the mausoleums’ domes. According to historians, this is how it was meant to be: in fact, Amir Sangar decided to honor his dear friend by building him a bigger and more decorated mausoleum, as a token of appreciation and respect.

The complex also features stone carved and pierced window grilles which were considered an architectural innovation in Cairo at the beginning of the 14th century.
What adds to the magnificence of the complex is its position, atop a rocky hill on Saliba Street, on your left when walking down the street from the citadel to Midan Sayyida Zeynab.

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