On a large hill overlooking the gigantic Madrasa Mosque of Sultan Hassan, in lavishing green surroundings, lies the small mosque and madrasa complex of Amir Akhur Qanibay, who was also known as “Al-Rammah” (the lancer) back at the time when he served Sultan al-Ghuri as his grand master of the horses. In 1503, Amir Akhur Qanibay decided to build this complex in this very location to be close to the horse market and citadel stables which were located a few metres away from the citadel square.

Due to its superior positioning, the complex is beautifully viewed from down the hill and it offers amazing vistas from atop. When visiting the mosque, take a few minutes to admire the front façade. It has beautifully carved arabesques on its walls and crenulations. The dome on the other hand is made from stone, but it is also beautifully embellished by delicate arabesques.

The interior of the complex is quite typical, since it follows the Qa'a pattern, an architecture centered on a wide central piece.

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